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Earrings No. 156


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The smallest one of our "Komsekule" with five rings. Here as a pair of earrings.

The Amulet/Komsekule is today a beloved jewel, connected with Sami culture and tradition. Initially, the Sami and other people got it through trade from the south. In the middle age, it was used as a protection-amulet against diseases. (Especially when the plague ravaged in the 1300s). When it later spread up north, it got a new meaning. Here, the Sami people considered the underworld to be a major threat. By hanging this above the baby's head in the "Komse"- the Sami cradle,("kule"-Ball) it would protect the vulnerable newborn child not to be replaced by the people in the underworld. Hence the name "Komsekule" or šiella, meaning protection, in the Sami language. 925 Sterling silver.

Size: app. 12 x 45 mm (incl. hook)

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