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Juhls Silvergallery was established in 1959 in Kautokeino and is Finnmark's first silversmith. Frank and Regine Juhls saw it as their mission to meet people's individual wishes when it came to the silver for the sami clothing -Gákti- in Sámi areas. Additionally the have put a lot of work into preserving and with a sensitive hand also reproducing old silver jewelery ,which has been in Sami possession for centuries.

Still today, new jewelery is being developed in the Sami spirit. At the workshop in Kautokeino, these special made jewelery is made for all current sami clothing-Gákti. We have always been enthusiastic, humble and happy to develop the silver in line with each individual customer's wishes, ideas and needs.

All jewelery with coloured glass stones can be obtained with other colour combinations. The hanging “leaves” can also be changed as desired. If you can't find exactly what you like, call us and we'll figure it out together.

Image of Chain for Gákti


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