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Since 1959, Juhls Sølvsmie has been based in Kautokeino on Finnmarksvidda and was the first workshop for silver jewelery in Finnmark.

Over the years, the place has developed into a pearl of personal architecture. What lies behind it is a sincere urge to create something beautiful and an irrepressible joy in working. The Juhls family expresses themself in several forms within crafts and art. Making jewelery became the most important. Here you will be able to see a selection of our jewellery. Each and every one is still made in its entirety at the workshop in Kautokeino. This is how we can stand for sustainable and ethical production both in terms of the environment, the culture and the society we lives in and is a part of.

Together, we stand for professional pride and a strong focus on good craftsmanship


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