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How to preserve and polish your silver

Silver always oxidates with time so it will darken and loose it's shine. The most important thing is to always keep your silver in closed up plastic bags when you don't wear it. That way it will be protected from the air which is what oxidates and darkens the silver. Use the plastic bag that comes with your silver. Also be sure you don’t keep the silver close to any item made of rubber or nubuck.


Cleaning the silver yourself is not a very complicated process. You will need to purchase a silver dip/liquid which is available in well-stocked stores. You dip your silver for about 30 seconds in the liquid and rinse your silver in water (middle temperature). After you have rinsed the silver you can use some mild soap (dish soap) on your silver and brush it with a toothbrush. After rinsing, dry it with paper and, if possible, dry it with a hairdryer and your silver should be looking nice and bright again. This process of cleaning silver will however only help for some time. When silver polish doesn’t do the job anymore you should go to a jewelry store or workshop so they can help you further. 


If you decide to go to a jewelry store or workshop to have them clean your silver, just remember to tell them not to polish the white part of the silver that we have on some of our jewelry (this is unpolished silver and part of what makes the Juhls design unique). We polish our silver by using a polishing tumble. It is filled with thousands of small steel globes in soap water. These steel globes will polish the silver back to how it was when you bought it in our store. If you tell the jeweler about this process they will know how to treat your silver. It is also very important that the jewelry isn’t rhodanised. 


However, we usually recommend having the jewelry sent back to us so that it is certain that it will be done the right way. Just remember to fill in a proforma invoice for the package and write “Repair” on it. Ask your local post office for help. This is of utmost importance to avoid unnecessary duty and fees at the customs